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Our Spectral Wishes help you to send a special wish to your friend or loved one. This complex yet delicate crystal comes with a small gift tag and is presented in a soft Organza bag with tie-string making it look beautiful even before you see the crystal.

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Swarovski Hanging Crystal Suncatchers

Crystals are our passion and we take great great pride in making hanging crystal suncatcher designs that really work. All our crystal strands are made by hand by us which means you can be assured that the quality of the design is maintained throughout the entire process.

We could never just design a strand and then indiscriminately add it to an end hanging crystal without regard for its shape and weight so we spend a lot of time making beautiful hanging strands that absolutely complement the end crystal as we know that one shape and size of strand does not fit all. When we design a hanging crystal strand we take into account the shape, size and weight of the end crystal so that the entire suncatcher design is pleasing to the eye.

To achieve this we have 12 types of hanging strands, such as the Spectral Starburst and Spectral Chakra Strand, and over 120 unique variants of these to take into account the end crystal with which it is combined. For example, we have over 20 different patterns within our range of Spectral Shimmer suncatchers which allows us to make the Spectral Shimmer for the Swarovski 50mm Sphere with over 70 individual crystal octagons and beads, with the largest being 40mm, whereas the Spectral Shimmer for the Swarovski 30mm Sphere is made from 24 crystal octagons and beads, with the largest being 20mm. These variations in designs ensure the strands do not look too bulky, too thin, too long or too short for the end hanging crystal.

Every time that you look at the elegant design and see the hundreds of dancing rainbows you will know why we put so much effort into designing these beautiful suncatchers that you will never tire of enjoying.

We hope you enjoy exploring our site and would love to hear your thoughts on our designs. You can send your feedback via our Facebook page, our blog or by email.

May your world be covered in rainbows and your soul be lit by crystal light.

Angela Hopps – crystal designer